Indian origin scientist at MIT invents wearable rape prevention device


An Indian origin scientist at Massachusets Institute of Technology(MIT) has invented a wearable device that will help women to stay safe and prevent rapes. Inventor Manisha Mohan, a research assistant at MIT, says that the device can alert people nearby by sending a distress signal through a smartphone and playing a loud noise through the smartphone.

The device is a small sensor that can be easily fitted inside any clothing worn by women. It connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth and sends a distress signal to family members and emergency services in case of an assault. It also plays a loud noise through the smartphone and alerts the nearby people of the situation. The device can be trained to understand the difference between when a woman is undressing and when a woman is being sexually assaulted.

The device has two modes, a passive mode and an active mode. The passive mode allows the user to manually send a distress signal by pressing a button whenever they sense a threat.

In the active mode, the sensor monitors the activities in its surrounding. It asks the user through the app whether the person trying to remove clothes off of their body is doing so with their consent or not. If the user does not reply within 30 seconds, the app makes a loud noise. If the user does not enter a preset password within 20 seconds of playing the loud noise, the app sends out distress signals to the user’s family members.

The device is surely a great accomplishment in the field of women’s safety and paves the way for even greater accomplishments for preventing the inhuman crime of rape



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